TAG Heuer Carrera 02T Tourbillon in blinding white

As the owner of a TAG Heuer Carrera Tourbillon 02T, I’m particularly sensitive to instances of the watch in different variations as I’m interested to see how different colour combinations work compared to what I’m familiar with.
An Owner’s View of the TAG Heuer Carrera Tourbillon 02T
Well today I came across something quite unexpected, a Tourbillon 02T in blinding white.This watch is part of a limited edition of 10 pieces, and was made to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the ION Orchard Mall in Singapore last year in August, where TAG Heuer has a boutique.The colour combination is very unique, as the watch comes with a ceramic bezel, partially skeletonised dial, crown rubber coating and rubber strap in white. As a counterpoint to this, it comes with purple in the chronograph hours, minutes and seconds hands and the titanium tourbillon cage. Incidentally, the reason why purple was chosen is because it is the colour that decorates the facade of the ION Orchard Mall at night, and also the colour of their logo.
The watch is sold on the white rubber strap as shown, although a black alligator also comes in the box as well. At first glance, the colour combination does give off a feminine vibe, but I think that this is a watch that a man can pull off as well. It looks very sporty and I look forward to other colours being used in place of purple as I’m not too partial to that colour. I would prefer either blue or red perhaps. Although @thehorophile will probably like it the way it is.Out of the 10 pieces that were made, there are a few more available only at TAG Heuer boutiques in Singapore. List price is SGD$29600.
Do check it out.