The Citizen Iconic Nature Collection

Seasonality has always played a major part in Japanese culture, influencing various aspects of life, particularly in the cases of festivals and gastronomy. Changing of the seasons means a changing of the landscape and the scenery, and much of Japan’s ancient art has been inspired by these views.

Anti-clockwise, left to right, bottom to top – Spring Air, Summer Azure, Winter Serenity, Autumn Fantasia

For 2022, Citizen has unveiled the Iconic Nature collection as part of their ‘The Citizen’ range of high-end watches, with a focus on seasonal colours that show the seasons through a window on the wrist. Inspired by “Shakkei” (borrowed scenery) in Japanese architecture that gives a frame to outdoor scenery for those viewing from indoors, the watches are representative of the beauty of the changing seasons in the island nation.

The Spring Air (left) and Summer Azure (right), available from March 2022

Two watches will be available from March 2022 – the “Spring Air” and the “Summer Azure” models. Both come in the brand’s proprietary Super Titanium case, providing a significant weight reduction in comparison to stainless steel (the material is about 40% lighter than steel), whilst being five times harder, as well as being corrosion resistant and gentle on skin. The cases are also coated in Citizen’s Duratect Platinum coating, that protects the case from scratches.

These two watches feature a dial made of Washi paper – the same type of paper used for Japan’s famous sliding screens that allow light to pass through. The Washi paper used for these models is the Tosa Tengujoshi – the thinnest Washi paper, which provides the dial with incredible texture, whilst allowing light to pass through onto the movement’s solar cells. The dial of the “Spring Air” is a lush green that is reminiscent of new leaves during the season, with a gradient effect as the eye travels to the periphery of the dial. In contrast, the “Summer Azure” features a dazzling blue dial that brings to mind the sky and the ocean.

Winter Serenity – Available in September 2022

Later on, in September of 2022, we will see the completion of the four seasons with the release of the “Autumn Fantasia” and the “Winter Serenity”. Like the Spring and Summer models, the Autumn and Winter models come in Citizen’s Super Titanium case, however, the “Autumn Fantasia” differs by being coated in Duratect Gold, giving a bright yellow gold hue to the case. The “Winter Serenity”, like its Spring and Summer cousins is coated in Duratect Platinum. These two models are further differentiated through the use of the Tosa Washi Unryu paper – its long fibres creating swirling patterns that not only add to the gradient effect of the dial, but are also reminiscent of a dragon soaring through the sky.

Autumn Fantasia – Available in September 2022

The “Winter Serenity” features a grey gradient dial with gold markers that bring warmth to the watch, whereas the “Autumn Fantasia” houses a reddish brown dial that evokes the texture of fallen leaves with the texture of the Washi paper.

Encased within these watches is the Citizen Calibre A060 that is regulated by a quartz crystal, and powered by the brand’s Eco Drive solar charging system. The movement is rated to +/- 5 seconds per year, with an independently adjustable hour hand for when the wearer crosses time zones, as well as a perpetual calendar that automatically accounts for shorter and longer months including leap years. The movement can also detect sudden impacts, locking itself in the event of high shock to prevent the hands from becoming misaligned. In the event that they do, however, the watch can automatically align the hands, saving a trip to the watchmaker. The watches are delivered on crocodile leather straps sourced from a tannery that is LWG (Leather Working Group) certified for sustainable production. All watches are limited to 250 pieces worldwide, and priced at SGD 5450 at the time of writing.

The watches of The Citizen Iconic Nature Collection are another leap forward in bringing the best of Japanese watchmaking to the world. With a uniquely Japanese dial, and inspirations from nature, The Citizen Iconic Nature Collection is sure to pique the interest of Japanophiles and watch collectors with their unique identities.

Technical Specifications

Models: AQ4100-06W (Spring Air), AQ4100-14L (Summer Azure), AQ4102-01X (Autumn Fantasia), AQ4100-22E (Winter Serenity)

Launch Dates: March 2022 – Spring Air and Summer Azure, September 2022 – Autumn Fantasia and Winter Serenity

Price: SGD5450

Limited Edition: 250 pieces of each model

Case/Band: Super Titanium, Duratect Platinum/Crocodile (Spring Air, Summer Azure, Winter Serenity), Super Titanium, Duratect Gold/Crocodile (Autumn Fantasia)

Crystal: Dual spherical sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating

Dial: Tosa Washi Tengujoshi – Spring Air and Summer Azure, Tosa Washi Unryu – Autumn Fantasia and Winter Serenity

Case Dimensions: 38.3mm diameter, 12.2mm thickness

Calibre: Citizen Cal. A060 – Accuracy of +/- 5 seconds per year, Eco-Drive running for 1.5 years on full charge, independently adjustable hour hand

Water Resistance: 10 Bar