Sinn novelties for 2021

2021 marks the 60th Anniversary of Sinn, and following on from the U1 DS that was introduced earlier this year, Sinn continues the festivities with the announcement of more novelties from a multitude of product categories.

A handcrafted dial comes to the new Sinn U1 DS

144 St S Anniversary II

The 144 is a model that has been in the Sinn catalogue since 1974 and has seen many technical upgrades over time, for example sapphire glass for the crystal these days instead of mineral glass as was common then.

The latest Anniversary version for 2021 comes with the full suite of Sinn technologies such as 200 metre water resistance, Ar-Dehumidifying technology, and a 41mm wide tegimented case topped with a black hard coating.

Aesthetically, this watch also distinguishes itself from past models with white chronograph counters as well as a red “60” at the 12 o’clock position, both to represent 60 seconds of elapsed time as well as a subtle nod to the 60th anniversary year that the watch appears in.

Limited to 600 pieces, the144 St S Anniversary II comes with both a bracelet and a black silicon strap in the special box set, so you can make your choice of which to wear after you’ve bought it.

104 St Sa I MG with green dial

The new 104 St Sa I MG, as Sinn admits unapologetically, goes along with the trend for green dials these days and dispenses with the typically sober and serious character of a serious pilot watch, opting for a burst of colour. The green dial is painted in a metallic finish, like that used in car paint, and has a textured look at angles even though the surface of the dial is smooth.

There is no limitation on this model, and aside from the new dial colour, it comes with all the standard specifications that you’d expect, such as 200 metres of water resistance and the captive (secured with screws) pilot style bezel with minute ratcheting in a nicely sized 41mm case.

358 Sa Pilot DS and 358 Sa Pilot B E

The 358 is a well loved staple model in the Sinn line-up and represents Sinn’s idea of a traditional pilot chronograph at 42mm in diameter. Two new non-limited versions come to the catalogue this year, that add an aesthetic flourish to a technically competent platform. The first one, the 358 Sa Pilot DS comes with a dial that features decorative grinding, just like the one seen on the dial of the 60th Anniversary Sinn U1 DS, a model that was launched in the early part of this year. This is a dial treatment that is technically demanding to execute by hand, with special training required in order for the right amount of pressure to be applied. Each dial by necessity is a unique piece, since the pattern of scratching will vary.

The next variation is the 358 Sa Pilot B E, which comes with a dial in galvanic blue with a sunburst decoration. Both models come with a domed sapphire glass, a nod to the aesthetics of vintage mineral glass of old. Lastly, the watches offer 100 metres of water resistance and Ar-Dehumidifying technology.

U50 S Mother-of-Pearl S

The U50 has definitely gotten some amount of attention since it was released not too long ago. It’s clear that there has always been a demand for a watch with the strength of performance of the U1 but at a smaller size. The U50 has, at 41mm, definitely opened up the U series to those wanting a smaller watch but with serious technical specifications. With the new U50 S Mother-of-Pearl S, it might just be that Sinn are responding to possibly more women coming to the U series since the introduction of the U50.

The mother of pearl dial of the U50 S Mother-of-Pearl S definitely fits in with the aquatic theme of the watch. Aesthetically, given that the mother of pearl is the only reflective surface against a black case and black indices, it does become the centre of attention. Add in the black background of the date numerals, and it seems to be a fitting piece for a female James Bond, that needs something a bit showy, but with black indices that will still glow in the dark, and overall proper diver functionality.

Limited to 500 pieces with all the Sinn goodies that are standard in the U series, such as tegimented submarine steel with a black hard coating.

Model 717

The new 717 is a central minute and central seconds chronograph inspired by the Nabo 17 ZM cockpit clock with central minute counter that was originally designed for the German Luftwaffe’s Tornado program.

Easily one of the highlights of Sinn’s launches this year. The design of the 717 deviates very slightly from the Nabo 17 ZM with pretty much the same complication, a running seconds sub dial and even the use of Arabic numerals.

Taking advantage of the in-house SZ 01 movement, a Sinn modified Valjoux 7750, this 60 minute chronograph counts both minutes and seconds from the centre of the dial, making elapsed time extremely fast and easy to read under extreme conditions. It’s a movement we’ve seen before in the EZM 10 and the EZM 1.1, and was developed by Sinn due to the discontinuation of the Lemania 5100 that was also famous for having a central minute chronograph.

Aside from this movement, the Model 717 also replicates the chapter ring of the Nabo 17 ZM, but makes it rotatable as well as an additional pilot style bezel. Lastly the case is tegimented with a black hard coating, and also comes with Ar-Dehumidifying technology.

At 15.3mm thick and 45mm diameter, this is one large and useful watch that gives pilots or wannabe pilots one more option to consider besides the amazing EZM 10.